Krishnamrutam Shipping, or popularly known as K-Ships, a newly formed division under the mother company Krishnamrutam Enterprises Private Limited, an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, situate at Vashi, Navi Mumbai has ventured to manage a fleet of Offshore Vessels, DP Vessels, PSVs, AHTs, chemical tankers, containers, Mini Bulk Carriers. The company is different because it is run by a former maritime administrator, who knows the law and maritime business as it operates around the globe. We are an RPSL Company (RPSL-MUM-249) and also DOC Holders for Bulk Carriers and Other Cargo Vessels (DGS/ENG/DOC/000341).

The combination of a ship manning heritage and the competitive service style of modern technical management give Ship Owners the best of both worlds. We have a team which thinks long term as an Owner would himself do, but at the same time keeps the economical liability of maintenance costs under control. The ability of K-Ships ability to manage various types of vessels comes from its collective experience of its crew, its superintendents, its senior managers and the fleet itself. Having successfully overcome challenges posed by the demanding Offshore Vessels (Both DP and Non-DP), K-Ship’s systems and philosophy is suited to tackle any kind of vessel from dry to wet.

Our Inspiration is drawn from the ant, which goes about its business quietly, carrying twice its body weight and planning for the season ahead. We imbibe this quality into the very nature of our company as it requires foresight to plan and execute a job in the field of ship management.

We value your association to create a win-win situtation for the owners and the Company that is rooted on honesty, integrity, hard work and a tradition of exellence in everything one does on the sea and shore.!  

We are widely recognized as the specialist in all kind of shipping services at various major n minor ports of west coast of India. We provide a quality service where our customers have total confidence in our ability that we can manage everything.
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